Wednesday, May 22, 2013

10 Tips home interiors

I love to share photos and home interior design tips exclusive. There are things that should be avoided when decorating your home.

1. Make a choice
Your home your personal space. Do not let other people decide what you should do in your home.

2. Avoid painting the first
Instead make the choice of fabrics, carpet and cushion before thinking about paint colors.

3. Do not select the paint from the paper sample
Instead, buy a small can of color options to try at home. Paint a small part of the wall to get the color effect in natural light environment or rub it on cardboard. Then direct the stream at the wall to see compatibility with the environment.

4. Do not choose a color in the store
Avoid buy fabrics, floor finishes or paint in the first store you visit. Ask for examples only paint colors, carpet or fabric to take home. See the impact and difference in color in natural light and under lights in the evening.

5. Do not ignore the psychology of color
Influence the attitudes and emotional color. Select a color scheme to match the wants digarapkan space environment. For example, a game room or family room, bright color more compatible match for meeting the needs and activities of the area.

6. Avoid forced decoration
Do not force the existing color scheme or, more accurately do not 'force' bring jewelry. Since you have a red sofa, does not mean red striped curtains can be matched to it. Make a choice of colors to identify key jewelry in the area.

7. Do not ignore the focal point of space.
Not every room has a focal point, but if there is, let it shine. For example consul table, red brick wall finishes or wall hangings. What you should do is organize the work and furniture near the main elements of this.

8. Do not let the furniture is arranged close to the wall.
Avoid stacking chairs, couches and tables around the room but there is no choice. Sort clustered in the central space to facilitate conversation.

9. Avoid building restrictions.
Do not put a chair in front of a door or a table in the main route. It interferes with the smooth passage, should make sure the route is easily accessible.

10. Do not buy for cheap.
Instead careful manufacturing quality, detail or designs either still intact or not.